Who am I? Homemaker, singer/songwriter, actor, poet

TOPIC: I would like to present about autism



Who am I? I swim across lakes, bike ridiculous distances, run up and down hills in circles. In other words, I”m a triathlete.

TOPIC:Because I love both participating in amateur athletics and would love to introduce others to it. There”s a very low barrier to entry, a staggering sense of achievement, great camaraderie, and (in my not very humble opinion) some of the most talented pro athletes in the world are triathletes.



Who am I? Registered and Certified Holistic Nutritionist

TOPIC: I am so passionate about the dangers of aspartame and artificial sweeteners and I really want to educate people on this. I have a personal story but also so many clients with amazing results when they change some habits in their diets.



Who am I? I”m a beekeeper!

TOPIC: Building a network of community beehives, creating connections with between people and the pollinators that sustain us.



Who am I? Entrepreneur, community helper, mother of 4.

TOPIC: A look at my life as one of the 12 Ladies in a Tent.  This unique community fundraiser involved camping for 5 days at Heritage Park, Barrie and included many interesting adventures.



Who am I?  Host of a live 1-hour online “TV” show every week. We (my team and I) provide a fun, interactive program that utilizes new media and consumer technologies to create a budget-minded program which is watched worldwide.

TOPIC: How can you showcase your talent with a little creativity, a limited budget, and a lot of passion? I”d like to talk about it.




Who am I?  Financial Adviser and Economic Analyst.  Hobby: Breaking limiting delusional beliefs with kind reason. Area of Study: History, Philosophy and Human Psychology.

TOPIC:  I”m passionate about major global change and it”s opportunities and follies. These exponential shifts pushing us to unprecedented territory as a species almost a technological tipping point in our evolution.
It”s fascinating where we have been where we are and where we may be going.
What”s really fascinating is that we look to the past to extrapolate the future. This won”t do and we can already see how the old models are breaking at the seems. We had children on medication, obesity and rampant mass consumption. Growth has now trumped prosperity. Appropriate positioning requires flexible minds that are creative, courageous and self aware. Unfortunately modern society discourages this so what are we going to do about it…



Who am I?  I am an author, motivational speaker and poet.

TOPIC: I will speak about the power of words and how they shape and chart the course of our life. All done in poetry. I am passionate about “words” because they are the most powerful tool we have in life. Within our words we will find our vision and within vision we find purpose.