Hooray! Not only is Summer ending, but we are excited to kick off the planning, the preparation, the pronouncements for the next amazing Ignite Barrie event!

Once again we will be returning to the Creative Space, this time on Friday, October 5th. 7pm-10pm

What’s your passion?

The first order of business, as always, is that submissions are now open! If you have something you’re excited about, take a few minutes and submit a talk idea. We don’t want sales pitches or rants. We want you to submit those weird, curious, unusual things that really get you excited. That hobby that keeps you up until the wee hours of the morning tinkering away. That pastime upon which you spend all your extra cash. The topic that every time it comes up you lean forward in your chair and start waving your hands around like one of those creepy wiggle air-dolls they use in front of car dealerships and furniture stores.

If you want to share that with us (and we really want you to!) you can submit an Ignite Barrie talk until September 15th. If you know someone else who is odd, cool, or interesting who you think should submit – send them a link to our submission page and tell them to get busy!

Tickets & Reminders

Tickets are on sale! Register today!

If you’re on Facebook, RSVP for Ignite Barrie right here. As always, we rely on our friends and fans to help us spread the word. So any tweeting, sharing, emailing, or other forms of telling people about us in the next few weeks is beyond appreciated.


Twitter: @ignitebarrie