Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about Ignite Barrie. If your question isn’t answered here, you can contact us directly.


What is Ignite Barrie?

Ignite Barrie is an evening of short presentations scheduled several times a year. At an event, you hear 12 passionate speakers talking about their favorite topics or projects for just 5 minutes each. The lineup of presenters for each event is unique.

Who should attend Ignite Barrie?

Anyone who wants to hear new ideas should attend an Ignite Barrie event. The presentations are informative and often quite humorous. It’s an opportunity to hear ideas and people from outside of your normal sphere of influence. By mixing it up, new and exciting things can happen.

Who is behind Ignite Barrie?

Ignite Barrie is part of the Ignite program sponsored by O’Reilly Media which supports local communities hosting Ignite events in cities around the world. To learn more about the Ignite program, see the Ignite website at Ignite.Oreilly.com.

Ignite Barrie is a product of The Creative Space, that provides space for start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs as well as educational and community building events in the Barrie area. A small team of volunteers plans and presents each Ignite Barrie event. For details about the team, see the Credits page.

How can I find out about the next event?

We make it easy to learn about Ignite Barrie events. On our website you can sign up to receive periodic emails about upcoming events. You can become a fan of our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter. You can also drop us an email at ideas [at] ignitebarrie.com

Speakers and Presentations

How can I learn more about a topic or a presenter?

We schedule informal networking time during and after the event so you have time to connect with any of the evening’s speakers. Most speakers also provide their website, blog, email, and Twitter account information for follow up as well.

Tickets, Venue, and Event

Where is Ignite Barrie held?

12 Dunlop St E, Barrie Ontario, L4N 1A3.

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How can I get a ticket?

For ticket details, see our Tickets page.

I’m busy that night. Is there any way I can still see the event?

We also videotape each presentation, and post the videos online after the event.


This was so much fun. Do you need any help putting on future events?

We are always looking for new volunteers. Drop us an email at chad [at] ignitebarrie dot com and put “volunteer” in the subject.


If you are interested in helping support Ignite Barrie, please visit our Sponsorship page for sponsorship levels and details.