image_1366038466126577April 15, 2013
Julinda Morrow

I think being personally invited to IGNITE BARRIE, soothed my curiosity and fuelled my fascination of people who think outside the box, march to their own beat and are not afraid to be forward thinkers. Be it creative in the arts, business or personal, this was a night to embrace great opportunity for enlightenment. I was to hear 8 passionate speakers talk in 5-minute intervals on subjects that do not define them in career or everyday routine. Each individual, each diverse in their own way, with slideshows! Walking through the doors at The Creative Space was not only warm and welcoming; the wave of many familiar faces also put me at ease. Scrap the first time jitters!

Introductions were left to Chad Ballantyne of Rhubarb Media who took to the stage with gracious command, bringing the audience to a delightful fervor that set the tone for the evening. Learning the view of others on global change, nature, faith, government, currency, storytelling, life lessons and medical triumph has truly left me inspired. Yes, knowledge is a powerful tool so I’m very pleased the event also included highlights from Laurentian University and its hopeful campaign to have a campus here in our downtown core. So, in the end with my having a multi-faceted vocation that holds many a wonderful challenge, this overall experience on idea sharing under such a roof has definitely got my attention.

Being introduced to those affiliated with The Creative Space revealed a unique approach to “spending time at the office” with its coworking environment. Bringing small businesses and entrepreneurs into such an alternative productive community can only press that to nurture positive creative synergy is well worth exploring.

For information on those who took the time to share the stage, I recommend you visit: Ignite Barrie Speakers

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