October 27, 2017 | 7-9pm

At The Creative Space

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Are you passionate about something you want to teach, show, explain, or share with other creative people in the Barrie community? Take five minutes to tell us about you and your topic and we’ll put you in consideration for the next Ignite Barrie!

If this is a pitch about a product or service you sell – STOP!
If this about motivation, coaching, or ways to be super wonderful – STOP!
If this is a personal hobby, obsession, interest, or fascination – CARRY ON!

We’re sure your product/service is great, but that’s not what Ignite Barrie is about. We are looking for very real, tangible things people do (Building Miniature Giant Robots), they know (Taiko Drumming), they’ve tried (Paragliding), they’re starting (Year of Music) or they’ve studied (Thinly Slicing Brains). Share the things you really love, no matter how strange or obscure you think it might be!

For tips on making a great submission, check out this blog post or get your creativity flowing by checking out the list of submissions for Ignite Phoenix #12. Any topic is fair game, as long as it’s PG-13 and isn’t a sales pitch.

Now, on to the submission process! If you submit an idea, you agree that you:

  • Are able to speak on this topic in 5 minutes, not a second more.
  • Can create a 20-slide presentation to support your talk.
  • Allow your photo, submission, presentation and a video of your talk to be posted online (your email address and phone number will be kept private).
  • Will not pitch or advertise for a product or business, even your own
  • Will adhere to the Rules & Guidelines for Ignite Barrie!

Take your commitment to speak seriously

We understand that unforeseen emergencies do happen, or you might just decide that speaking at Ignite isn’t for you. If you decide that you can’t speak, please try to make that decision and let us know sooner rather than later.

There are many people who want to speak, and we don’t want to hold speaker slots for people who aren’t committed to the event. If you’re still interested in speaking and had to cancel for an emergency, we may be able to add you to the schedule for a future Ignite, but if you leave us scrambling to fill your spot, you’re not going to be high on our priority list.

In return, we’ll provide as much support as is practical for us, including links to resources, a workshop, and answers to your questions. We want you to succeed!

How speakers are selected

Our speaker selection process is more art than science. Here are some of the things that we consider. Think of them as guidelines rather than rules.

  • Diversity of topics for each event.
  • Originality of topics (i.e. have we heard about it before?)
  • Commitment and preparation of the speaker.
  • Potential interest of the topic to audience.
  • Passion and/or expertise of speaker.
  • Attendance at our speaker workshop.

On the flip side, some reasons why applications might not be selected.

  • Applicant has presented at Ignite before.
  • Application does not live in Barrie Region. (E.g. Toronto residents should apply to speak at Ignite Toronto.)
  • Application was really unfocused/unclear. (We will often try to work with people to better clarify and organize a topic, but it doesn’t always work.)
  • Application was pitchy. (We avoid presentation topics that are self-serving, i.e. promoting a person, business, etc.)
  • Proposed topic or full presentation is not original. (We do not select applications for presentations that people have clearly given many times or presented professionally.)
  • Applicant applied after the speakers were already selected for the next event.
  • Proposed topic was too similar to that of another selected speaker.
  • Proposed topic was deemed not to be of broad audience appeal.

Submit a Topic Ignite Barrie

  • Please offer a title to your Talk as well

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