Slideshow Templates

Templates are available for PowerPoint and Keynote; simply click the links below to download your particular template:


The Rules

20 Slides. No more, no less.
5 Minutes. Each slide displays for 15 seconds and 15sec. × 20 slides = a 5 minute presentation
No Animation. We convert your slideshow to PDF that does not support animation.
Please note: If you are unable to follow these rules or have a special request, contact us so we can figure out how to best accommodate your particular needs.

Slideshow Tips

A slideshow is a tool that helps enhance your presentation. Here are a few tips to make your slideshow great!

Keep It Simple. Use relevant images/photos and a few key words to capture the idea you’re trying to convey.
Bullets and Text. Avoid using lots of text. If necessary, use brief 1‐3 word statements.
Timing. Slides advance every 15 seconds, so avoid cramming too many topics or ideas into one slide. Instead, give yourself breathing room by spacing ideas and topics across multiple slides. You have 20 slides, so don’t be afraid to use them.
Image Credit. Give credit where credit is due by naming the image owner. If an image is copyrighted, then get permission from the image owner before using it.
Final Suggestion Slide. We highly recommend that your last slide be a “Next Steps” or Call to Action slide. It can be anything that pertains to your presentation.

Presentation Tips

Here are some basic tips to help you rock your Ignite Presentation!

Connect. Make eye contact with the crowd, smile, and have a blast!
Body Language. Stand up straight, be proud, and be confident!
Tell A Story. Make it fun or memorable, and do not over think it!
Prepare. There is no need to memorize anything, but give your presentation to a friend or stand in front of a mirror and give the presentation to yourself. If your topic is familiar, do not over think it!

Dos and Don’ts

Do connect with the audience
Do have fun
Do ask for help if you need it
Don’t say “um” after every word
Don’t read off your slides
Don’t distract your audience by fidgeting
Slideshow FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions from previous Ignite Barrie presenters.

Q. Do I need an introduction slide?
A. We display a splash slide with your name and presentation on the screen as you make your way up in front of the audience. We switch from the splash slide to your first presentation slide when you begin talking. If you feel that our splash slide isnʹt an adequate introduction, then feel free to use your first slide as an introduction, otherwise, use your first slide to begin talking about your idea.

Q. Can I use repeated slides to stretch out a topic?
A. We recommend that you provide a way to differentiate your slides from each other because it helps with timing. If a certain idea or topic spans several slides, simply use photos or images which pertain to what you’re focusing on.

Q. Can I use blank slides?
A. Blank slides are okay, but as we mentioned above, providing a way to differentiate your slides from each other helps with timing. If you really want to use a single blank slide at any moment, then feel free to do so. If you want to use successive blank slides, we recommend that you change the slide background color or differentiate them somehow.

Q. Should I synchronize my presentation to the slides?
A. As we mentioned before, it is best to give yourself some breathing room and stay flexible just in case you feel like allotting more or less time to a topic or idea. Ultimately, it’s up to you whether or not you sync your presentation to the slides but just be forewarned that 15 seconds flies by!

Q. Can I use music or perform a demonstration?
A. Given the venue, certain things may not be possible. We want to make sure that you can make your presentation without any technical difficulties. Remember, you only get five minutes. We will try to accommodate any special requests, but it is in your best interests to set yourself up for success without the added burden of doing something extra that may result in ‘dead air.’