The Presentations

20 slides and 5 minutes is all you get. Not a second more. The presenters need to get to the point quickly, and make it exciting and engaging.

We welcome topics about anything that other people will find interesting. That’s a wide criteria and that’s just fine. If you’re not interested in the current topic, all you have to do is wait for 5 minutes and a new one starts. We’ve had presentations on very real, tangible things people do (Building Miniature Giant Robots), they know (Taiko Drumming), they’ve tried (Paragliding), they’re starting (Year of Music) or they’ve studied (Thinly Slicing Brains) just to name a few.

We do have a few rules though. Check out our rules and guidelines.

The Presentation Process

  1. Submissions open for the next event once the current event is over and you submit your talk idea online. All you need is an abstract of who you are and what your talk is about.
  2. A few weeks prior to the event, we close submissions and select the presentations for the event night. Our team of judges select 10-12 presentations from the submissions. We work hard to create a well-rounded event night.
  3. We notify the presenters. If you are selected, you must develop your presentation and submit your slides to the Ignite Barrie presentation team by the deadlines assigned.

The Point Of It All

If Ignite Barrie succeeds, then participants have:

  • Above all, had a great experience!
  • Learned something new about what’s going on in and around Barrie.
  • Met new people and made new personal or professional connections.
  • Had fun!

If you want to attendpresent, or just help out let us know!

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